Project Description



DigiGround is an application development and marketing agency.  I have been with DigiGround from the beginning and created the brand. I continue to work at DigiGround as the Creative Director, overseeing the continued branding and development of the company and its products, as well as all creative aspects of their client work.

While working at DigiGround I have been involved in hundreds of projects since November 2016. We’ve won multiple awards for our designs including the 2019 Good Design Award for our application youchamp

The DigiGround brand refers to the Digital Underground, where we will come from to help businesses travel to where they want to be, using marketing and business systems, design and development.

The branding concept is derived from a mix of Underground Transport Services (railways) and Digital Circuitry. 

As part of my development of the DigiGround brand, I created a media kit which outlined our projects and products. I incorporated all the branding into the media kit, merging it with some of our client works to create the media kit shown on this page.