Project Description


During my time at AIPE, I was the brand manager and final sign-off for all designs and marketing for the company. I spent my time evolving and building the AIPE brand. I worked directly with the CEO and other departments on all campaigns and designs to create promotional and printed materials, websites and social media. I built a team of graphic designers and managed their time and projects, training and building their skills while maintaining the highest standard of design across all aspects of the company.

Branding concept

As the company grew, so did the advertising requirements. The Digital Operations Manager, CEO and myself created the You Are, We Are concept as a long term brand, concept and campaign plan. AIPE had a large number of internal functions and brands which all needed to be incorporated into a single entity that matched and had shared concept across the company. Each year we would work on a concept that incorporated all functions and then create a yearly design brief that would be used in all aspects of advertising and promotional materials.

Car design

One of the most interesting projects at AIPE was designer the AIPE car. I needed to take the current concept design and all the AIPE functions and display them in a way that was both visually appealing and useful for the purposes of marketing. I created an entire car cover which incorporated all the various logos and designs and the You Are, We Are concept. The car design was a very successful one. The car created buzz both internally and externally where it went.