Project Description

Quasar Interior Styling

Quasar Interior Styling was a new company that dressed houses for sale. Dressing houses for sale is an important industry that helps home owners increase their sale price. They had no branding and so I build and designed their logo, letterhead and entire corporate identity. I also designed their website to meet their needs.

Art of Chi

Art of Chi was created in a single day. Myself, a web developer and a photographer worked together to create a brand identity, website and photography for this new business that had just started.

I created the entire brand and worked directly with the developer to make the website and shop. I also consulted on the written content to make it more appealing to women.

Shell Riverview Service Center

The Shell Riverview Service Centre is a petrol station located in Northern New South Wales. When the business was purchased by a new owner he found they had no brand or website. I created the logo and web site and continue to work on with the company when they need advertising or other materials.


SmartB is an ongoing application development project in which I created the brand, website, and application screens. It is actually two individual apps that are available on the app stores, however, the app is not currently functioning.

The app is under ongoing development and I continue to work with the company to promote and build the brand and designs. We hope to launch SmartB fully and make it available soon.


VETFair is a Vocational Education consultant that sells assessment tools for colleges in Australia. I created the brand, logo, corporate identity and website. I also designed their assessment tools cover pages.

I continue to develop VETFair’s brand as a client of DigiGround and help them with consultation and advice on their business needs as well as creating various designs for them.