Project Description

A Champ Always Pays His Debts


youchamp is an app for splitting expenses and making payments to people. youchamp is an internal DigiGround product that was designed and developed in house. I created the brand and User Interface designs for the application as well as the designs for the branding and marketing. youchamp is available on Google Play and The App Store.

digital marketing


The youchamp website is designed from scratch in conjunction with the DigiGround developers. I took the combined requirements for SEO, branding, and information and created this unique design. Every function of the app is outlined with multiple placements for Calls to Action (CTA) and at all times, it maintains the youchamp brand.


The youchamp UI is an ongoing project which needs constant improvement. youchamp offers a multitude of options for users to split expenses and make payments and so needs to be clear and easy to use. It far outstrips all the apps with similar functions. I have worked with both UX designers and developers to create the design of youchamp to make sure it is appealing to the users and is easy to use. youchamp won the Good Design Award in 2019 for the design of the UI.


youchamp uses a chat bot to follow up people who owe money to their friends. The chat bot’s name is Champy and he is the official mascot of youchamp. Champy incorporates the logo into a pleasing and fun face and is intrinsic to the youchamp brand. Champy is the voice of youchamp and so is used in all aspects of communication and marketing.

Champy has a large number of emoji style facial expressions which are customised and all completely original. We have used Champy as custom emojis in Slack, and one day hope to incorporate them into the youchamp keyboard.